December 23, 2017

Mid-Century Ornament COokies


One would think I'd have a hundred different ideas for holiday cookies, but this year I found myself rather stumped. Ornaments came to mind as something that might be fun to paint. When looking for inspiration, I came across some retro Christmas decorations and knew exactly what I was going to do. If you know my style, you know I LOVE MID-CENTURY MODERN. West Elm is life.

Surprisingly, I couldn't find any good ornament cookie cutters. I even went to my favorite baking shop, Blake's Decorette, but wasn't super into the ones they had. After picking out some more food gel colors, I took one last wonder around the store and came across some mini cake boards. They were round with a little tab and looked exactly like ornaments! And they were only $0.25. I bought a couple of those and cut them out in different shapes to use as templates. Unfortunately, for most of my cookies, I end up cutting templates from cardstock and using a knife to cut each cookie. It is such a pain, and they never end up perfect, but with so many custom shapes it ends up being the only option. I have seen some create-your-own cookie cutter kits, so maybe some day I'll give that a try.