July 22, 2018

Dutch Floral Cookies


I've wanted to make cookies inspired by Dutch still-lifes for the longest time, as they are among some of my favorite paintings. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, Google them and behold the insanity! The dark backgrounds bring such drama to the intricate flowers and they just seem to pop off the painting. How could I even do these masterpieces justice?

I kept putting off making them for that very reason. For quite some time, I was mulling over how I was even going to pull these off from a process standpoint. Should I paint the icing black or just use black icing? How was I going to paint flowers over such a dark background without using so much food gel that I dissolve the base? 

It wasn't until the other weekend that I thought to myself, I need to get over it and just try. If they don't turn out, I'll just reevaluate and try again. Oh, and I also picked the hottest weekend to bake them, but that's besides the point :)

To my surprise, everything went according to plan. I baked the cookies and made black icing for the base. This took an ungodly amount of food gel coloring – probably to the point of being unhealthy – but I did get the color I wanted. I then used a technique I learned years ago for piping flowers with royal icing. When all of the cookies were done, I debated whether I actually wanted to paint them or not. They looked pretty cool in black and white, and I was terrified of messing them up with the color. As long as I photographed them in black and white, I figured it was ok if I messed them up with the color. It was worth the try. In the end, it changed the look completely and I'm so glad I took the risk! 

And there you have it. It took me over four days to finish these, but I'm really happy I went for it. Can't wait to play around with this technique for future creations!