September 8, 2015

Blue Willow cookies

How it All Started


The cookies that started everything…

I painted these as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom. She loves the Blue Willow pattern, and I was really into decorating cookies, so it worked out perfectly. And guess what? I’m still really into decorating cookies, so new designs are on their way!


These cookies are painted with gel food coloring. I first used royal icing to create a base, allowing it to dry overnight. Once the icing was completely dry, I simply took a paintbrush (a new one that hadn’t been used with regular paint as not to taint the cookies), and went at it. Each cookie took about an hour. So in total, I was not only able to listen to the entirety of Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please,” but I got through a good portion “Confessions of a Shopaholic” as well.

And yes, these were eaten.